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Member Registration FAQs

What are the registration options for clubs to get their members registered?

Our club historically paid USA Swimming membership fees for non-athlete members (Coach, Official, Other, Administrator). Can we do this in the current registration system?

How do parents/others know which membership type to select during checkout?

Our club would like to renew all previous members and pay the USAS membership fees. Is this possible?

How does a member know that they have already been renewed if they are renewed by the club through bulk renewal?

How will outreach members register?

How will unattached members register with the LSC?

Can clubs customize the memberships offered to their members?

What happens if a parent or someone else forwards my clubs registration link to someone that shouldn’t be registering for my club?

When are clubs able to access their registration links?

How do clubs verify that their members are registered with USA Swimming and are able to compete?

Club Registration FAQs

Will historical club registration data be available in SWIMS 3.0?

How do I renew my club's registration?

How do I register my team as a new club member?

My club is a current member. How do I access the club record?

How do I assign staff permission roles as the Head Coach or Club Administrator?

Why isn’t the LSC Club fee included as part of the club registration process?

Communication Archive

Catch up on previous communications sent to Coaches and Team Leaders

USA Swimming Coaches and Team Leaders,


USA Swimming is announcing enhancements to the Online Member Registration (OMR) process with the addition of bulk renewals. Bulk renewal will offer coaches and team leaders the opportunity to renew multiple members in a single transaction.


We are committed to soliciting and integrating member feedback as part of a continual effort to improve the software we provide. The addition of bulk renewals is in direct response to coach and team leader feedback and is one of the numerous enhancements that will be offered as part of the 2024 OMR process.


This is the first of multiple communications and is merely meant to announce the addition of the bulk renewal functionality and facilitate conversation among coaches and team leaders about renewal strategies for the upcoming 2024 season. Additional information regarding payments, opt-in deadlines, team management software implications and other anticipated FAQs will be communicated throughout the summer.


Only 2023 USA Swimming Memberships will be eligible for bulk renewal. New members will still create a USA Swimming account and register through the OMR registration process. Bulk renewal is optional for coaches and team leaders, and each team can evaluate if they want to utilize the new functionality. If a team elects not to utilize the bulk renewal process, their members will simply renew using a “one button renewal” process in their USA Swimming Account. Team leaders will need to evaluate key considerations before deciding to opt-in or opt-out for bulk renewals later this summer:


Benefits of “one button renewal”:

  • Removes registration from the Club’s list of extensive duties. “One button renewal” is a simple one-minute process for existing members to renew their prior year registration type.
  • Offers each member the opportunity to update or confirm their contact information, a key aspect of receiving communications directly from USA Swimming regarding events, rule changes, member programs, resources and member benefits.
  • Potentially removes the responsibility of the team leader as each member renews with the simplification of the one-button renewal in their own account.
  • Reinforces the use of the USA Swimming account, a valuable and evolving member benefit.

Benefits of bulk renewals:

  • Eliminates the reliance on individual members/families to complete the renewal process.
  • Assures team leaders that all bulk renewed members are registered and covered under USA Swimming’s insurance policies in the correct member type.
  • Coaches and team leaders will have the option to process multiple bulk renewal transactions within a registration year.
  • Capability to offer a simpler renewal of customer experience to families.
  • Assures members are registered with the proper team and LSC.
  • Team Leaders will be able to collect renewal membership fees in advance of the bulk renewal opt-in period later this summer.

Thank you to all the coaches for their feedback on continuing improvements to OMR. Summer competitions are in full swing and we are excited to see you on the pool deck!

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