National Certification & Evaluation

National Officials Certifications
The release date for National Officials Certification Applications, Workflow Approvals, and Officials History is still being determined.

National Certifications and Evaluations

The National Officials Certification Program is administered by the USA Swimming Officials Committee. Its primary goal is to expand the education of officials through mentoring, participation and evaluation as well recognizing those officials who have demonstrated their knowledge of swim officiating at each level and position. Certification at any level requires a combination of several things including evaluations, local participation at meets, continuing education, and the training and mentoring of other officials.


To develop officials who are competent, current and consistent from the LSC level meet to the highest level in our sport through a progressive training program based on an accumulation of experience acquired by specific meet attendance, mentoring and constructive evaluation.





For questions regarding the National Certification list, please email Marianne Walling.


Please contact your LSC Officials Chair for certification and re-certification procedures in your area.

Find your LSC Officials Chair here.


There are two levels of National Certification – N2 and N3 – for each of 5 positions:

  • Stroke and Turn Judge
  • Chief Judge
  • Starter
  • Deck Referee
  • Administrative Referee
  • N2 for Administrative Official


Hoping to work at a national level meet? Please visit the National Meet Applications page to find information on National Meet Expectations and Selection Criteria.


mentoring Bill Rose

National Mentor Nomination

The below forms are used by the LSC Officials Chairs (or other N3F evaluators) to nominate N2 evaluators to become N3i evaluators, or N3i evaluators to become N3F evaluators. The pre-requisites for an official to be recommended for a National Evaluator appointment to the NOC are outlined on the USA Swimming National Evaluator Guidelines.

Evaluate the Mentor/Evaluator

We appreciate your taking the time to complete this short survey on the evaluation process. As we receive feedback on your experiences with the evaluation process, we can continue to improve it. Please be assured your identity is anonymous when completing this survey.

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